We provide high-quality banking services exclusively for banks and other members of Erste Group.

Map EgssErste Group Shared Services (EGSS) provides high-quality services exclusively for members of Erste Group, like Erste Group AG, Erste Bank Oesterreich, Austrian Saving Banks and other subsidiaries. As a back-office service provider, we offer a wide range of services - from payments processing and client data maintenance to financing and financial markets services.

InfoEstablished in May 2010.
LocationLocation: Hodonín, South Moravia
People160 employees + several external support employees

Our ownership structure

100% owned by Erste Group AG

Our people - together we are EGSS

Our company is made up of our people.

Together we are a team of professionals who take responsibility, process banking services  with attention to detail and in defined quality and make a significant contribution to the success of our clients and to development of our processes and the company itself.

Our values

Our mission

We are an enabler of strategic and change-the-bank „digi“ initiatives.
We are proud of our profound skills and process knowledge because they enable us to be a reliable partner to Erste Group.

Client Centricity and Client Satisfaction is key in what we are doing
We are a highly professional service provider with full responsibility for efficient and​ high quality processing to continuously improve client satisfaction.

Our management

Bc. Simona Sándor     

Simona Sándor joined Česká spořitelna in 2010. Shortly thereafter, she joined Erste Group Shared Services (EGSS), s.r.o., where she took on the role of executive assistant to the management and was involved in the transfer of key activities from Austria to EGSS. Then, thanks to her excellent results and deep knowledge of our processes, she led the controlling department at EGSS for several years. As of July 1, 2023, she was appointed Executive Officer of EGSS.

Michael Bastel




We are part of Erste Group


Market map

The first savings bank in Austria was founded in 1819. Its purpose was to enable people from all walks of life to create savings for their future. Erste Group is one of the largest banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe.




Erste Group today and in the future:
„We create financial health“

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